Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is the first time I've done NaPlWriMo where I just have been SO disconnected. I'm not writing anything new this year. I tried, but all that is happening is me rewriting A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. It's not like I'm not working, it's just I'm so disconnected. It's strange. And I did beat myself up over it but now I guess I'm beyond it. I think it's because I'm working on something--just not anything new.

It's just strange. I don't know what happened.

Things are chugging along on A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. I am down to the family dynamics of the play, and this is the part that is going to take a while. So what do I do? Get roped into doing lights for a show locally. *shrug* I'm working on something, anything.

It's also different now being a home owner. There's stuff to do EVERY DAY. and EVERY WEEKEND. Like, I am sick with a sinus infection this weekend, so I am getting behind on not just my writing but my housework as well. Again, I'm working on it.

Winter is getting here too--we've already had our first snowfall (it was pretty and didn't last the day) and the temp is starting to drop into the 20s at night. Whooo! Welcome back to the midwest. :)

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