Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Death in the Family reading number 2

So, I don't have a lot of time right at the moment to really get down and dirty with this post, but I had to at least share this picture. This was part of the set for A DEATH IN THE FAMILY that was read (YES READ) again at Reston Community Players this past Saturday.

Their reading process is five levels. I wasn't sure was to expect from a second level reading; I know that add more elements as it goes along to the fifth level, which is a full fledged reading. I wasn't expecting a set. I was expecting maybe chairs and stuff marked as items. Not a real fake roast. Not a table with a christmas cloth on it. Not any of this.

No one got a picture of the look on my face, but it was pretty priceless.

There were no tears, just disbelief that someone wanted to do my work THIS MUCH.

Man. Just.


I felt so undeserving of such work. I mean, I know I deserve it, but when it happens, you are just stunned. I was just honored and felt humbled by it. And they did a great job.