Sunday, November 29, 2009

One day left of NaPlWriMo

And I have officially not made it.

I finished my play, but it's only 40 pages long--35 pages short of winning.

But, I still feel like I won.

Sure, NaPlWriMo says it's all about crossing the finish line--but I think the important finish line is not necessarily the 75 page finish line--there's something BIGGER at stake, if you can believe it.

What's important is that we created a community for such a solitary practice. We committed ourselves to working on a play and attempting to finish it. We gave ourselves the space for our practice--and that is something.

So I still feel like a winner, even though I don't get the nifty badge this year.

Up next, working on the edits for 'Sand and Water', submissions for different plays in December and January and finding someone to write a letter of recommendation for me for a workshop that's due by December 31. This is harder than one would think.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

time flies!

November has just flown by!

I am finished with my play for NaPlWriMo, but it's not a winner. 40 pages is not long enough, but that's okay. I still feel pretty good about it, because it's done.

So now I'm working on other plays and submissions and I was seriously chomping at the bit for it. I don't know what it is, but the only being able to really work on one play for a month makes me want to just work work work on other projects. Very strange, but it's good for focus. I'm still in NaPlWriMo as the moderator and cheerleader.

I started up a site meter right before NaPlWriMo, and I have seen people on here from ALL OVER THE PLACE! Who are you guys? Are you NaPlWriMo people? Random people? How did you find me? Leave me a comment and let me know!