Monday, May 30, 2011

Few and Far Between

I figured that I should make another post this month. It's been a long month of things coming together in my other life. We bought a house, are working on moving back to Iowa (packing FOREVER!) and getting me ready to go to Alaska for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference and getting our wedding together and then going to another reading in Reston, VA, in July (July 30 to be exact).

Needless to say, there hasn't been much time for writing, let along blog updating.

It's been a strange couple days. I had a good friend from way back in the day pass away from a traumatic brain injury yesterday. It was coming, we all knew it, and his amazingly strong wife, Sarah, chronicled it all in her blog here, from when he suffered the brain injury way back in November to his series of strokes that eventually led him to hospice and yesterday. There are no words in any language that can come close to describing what Sarah has gone through, but she's done a damn good job on her blog relating the situation. If I could be half the wife she is/was and convey half of the emotion she does/did, then I would be satisfied. Curtis was a very special person and my heart goes out to them, especially his two year old, Clara.

So there was that. That was something, let me tell you.

Then I started working on a new project. I don't yet want to reveal what it is--mostly because I don't know WHAT it is yet. I do know it involves a LOT of living celebrities, and part of me is worried about writing these people as characters in the play. What if I get sued? I am trying to just relax about it, and realize that the celebrities are in the main characters fantasy world, so hopefully if they say and do things they wouldn't do in real life, I won't get my butt sued.

And that's the last time I am going to officially worry about that until I get a draft of the play done (secretly I will worry, but you know...worrywart!).

What else? I have pulled the plug on submitting theatre related items until I get moved. I just can't do it all anymore, so I am going to take a small break and focus on what I am working on and what I already have out there. My writing time is few and far between, so I have to use my time carefully.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hollins Playwright's lab posted this on facebook and I am going to be printing out each of the black and white pictures and will put it in my new office when I get to Iowa. Great things for artists of all stripes.

It is looking like the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship was a go this morning, but after reading the rules more specifically, it turns out I have to have two letters of recommendation from industry professionals.

D'oh, stupid sexy Flanders.

I am a very lucky writer, I have many friends who can help me, but I am not sure if it will happen this time. So we will see.

Going back to the above link, there's this image:

That's my mantra for this, if I am able to attempt it. I just need to get the letters and then be confident!

It's amazing how that's better said than done.