Sunday, October 21, 2012

Research, Research, Research

I am finished working with THE SCARECROW for now. I am back burnering AUGUSTEND for now, mostly because I am not sure how to approach it. The first version of it was FAR from the time period of THE SCARECROW, and AUGUSTEND was supposed to happen before THE SCARECROW. So that won't do. I just have some lovely ideas, but I need to just let them cook for a bit and then sit down with them, maybe later this week. It doesn't look like we're doing a reading of THE SCARECROW this year, so maybe next year. The play is actually set in early Spring, so it might be good to do it then. Also, I had an idea last night for a venue to do our readings in, but I must speak to the owner and see what he thinks before I mention anything else about it online.

So, R.U.R. I have discovered that this process of revamping the play is taking a LONG time. I want to know everything I can about the play, and maybe read some more translations before I go hog wild rewriting it, but I definitely have some great ideas. As I do my research, I am finding ideas that come to me and I write them in a different color on my research pages. I'm really excited about my reimagining of this play.

Let me start by saying I have ALWAYS detested the character of Helena. Granted, none of the characters are particularly well fleshed out (that's something I want to address), but Helena is the one I want to do the most with. She's so simpering--she bows her ideals to a man she's barely known for two minutes and the next minute she's marrying him. Lame. She come to the offices with a strong stance--to give the Robots their rights--and then decides after hearing some silly explanations about how it won't work that she is wrong. I just don't like the character--so I am going to do some work on her, as well as the other characters. I guess with Helena if she's going to be the only truly 'human' female in the play, I want her to be more complex.

The more time I spend with the play, the more I love it. It's actually quite a lovely little play, and with some extra care, it could be spectacular.

I have found in my research online that there have been a few other attempts at revamping it in the past. I haven't found a ton of information on it, but I realize I am not the first. I hope that I can make it even better.

Research for the Tectonic Theatre Project is starting up. I have the first paper about autism spectrum to read and a movie called 'Loving Lamposts' to watch. The moment work process is a bit different from what I am used to. More improv based--which I am quite rusty at. But it's a good way to create a play--if I ever want to do some work with kids, this is probably going to be a good way to do it.

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