Friday, October 26, 2012


Clearly, I am not the only one who has thought to re-imagine R.U.R. I have found some interesting versions of it on the internet, and there is even one premiering in NY in 2013. Part of me wants to not bother with writing my own version. But part of me feels like I have something to say that hopefully the other writers haven't said.

And it appears that our Red Herring reading of THE SCARECROW is back on the table.  I was thinking that perhaps I should write a first draft of my prequel to THE SCARECROW. It's been a couple weeks since I have worked on the play, and this might have been enough time to work on it. We are aiming toward doing the reading over Christmas break. We just need to cast this bad boy and then do the reading and see where we sit after that.

And National Playwriting Month is in 5 days. It feels strange to not actually be doing anything with it. I haven't even given a thought to writing something--I suppose I should think about that as well. I think that maybe AUGUSTEND might be a good project for the month. I need to work on it anyway.

I will admit, it will be nice to not be in charge of cheerleading for the event. Because of some recent things in the last year, I have been having problems with my writing. I have been writing non-stop for a couple years, which is really great, but I think I am getting burnt out on a lot of things I am working on. I need to kind of back off and just let things sit. I guess it's one of those things where I am tired of butting my head against a wall and I need to maybe just regroup.

I did see the final dress rehearsal for NOVEMBER by David Mamet at University of Northern Iowa and it was quite funny. I hadn't actually seen a version of anything David Mamet has done that I have actually liked and enjoyed. Perhaps its because it was so timely, but it was quite fun. There were, of course, many things that were offensive about the play, and I'm not even counting the f bomb pile (anyone who knows me knows I love the f bomb). But it worked. UNI theatre did a good job with it. The set was lovely, the actors were well cast and there were some adorable moments in between the last two acts.

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