Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hollins Playwright's lab posted this on facebook and I am going to be printing out each of the black and white pictures and will put it in my new office when I get to Iowa. Great things for artists of all stripes.

It is looking like the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship was a go this morning, but after reading the rules more specifically, it turns out I have to have two letters of recommendation from industry professionals.

D'oh, stupid sexy Flanders.

I am a very lucky writer, I have many friends who can help me, but I am not sure if it will happen this time. So we will see.

Going back to the above link, there's this image:

That's my mantra for this, if I am able to attempt it. I just need to get the letters and then be confident!

It's amazing how that's better said than done.

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