Sunday, March 29, 2009

Order Out of Chaos

It's funny, because I was ALL set to write a pity-party tirade about how I can't seem to get this new play out, and how it was inspired by something I saw on a PBS program about Frank Lloyd Wright and his rediculously chaotic life and how his designs are supposed to be order out of chaos, an island of serenity in a tossing world, and I wanted to write a play about this idea, and then i realized that I was doing exactly what these characters were going to do, making order out of chaos and how chaos always comes back around because it's the order of things.

So I need to learn to love the chaos.

But it's still damn hard to see the characters on the stage in my mind, to even see parts of the stage, but it's in the fog, just on the edge. It wants to come forward, I want it to come forward, but it's not time yet.

Not yet time.

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