Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Can't Hurry Love

Or the Muse. But continuing to work your way through back story and research will certainly help.

I am reading a wonderful scholarly text, STAGING THE HOLOCAUST: THE SHOAH IN DRAMA AND PERFORMANCE, edited by Claude Schumacher, and there's a particular article in it that is proving extra helpful.

Freddie Rokem wrote the third article in the book, called 'On the Fantastic in Holocaust Performances' and it's a fascinating examination of Holocaust plays I was not familiar with, including GHETTO by Joshua Sobol. This particular play has a lot of very interesting elements and when I was looking to see if I could find the text somewhere online, I discovered I already have it in a compilation.

Once again, how can I look this gift horse in the mouth?

It's clear I should be working on this play right now. And with 6-9 weeks of pregnancy left, it's almost foolish to work on this sort of thing. But what can I do? It's here and calling for me.

Lots of good thinking going on for me these days--hopefully something good will come of this for my writing.

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