Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Death in the Family reading number 2

So, I don't have a lot of time right at the moment to really get down and dirty with this post, but I had to at least share this picture. This was part of the set for A DEATH IN THE FAMILY that was read (YES READ) again at Reston Community Players this past Saturday.

Their reading process is five levels. I wasn't sure was to expect from a second level reading; I know that add more elements as it goes along to the fifth level, which is a full fledged reading. I wasn't expecting a set. I was expecting maybe chairs and stuff marked as items. Not a real fake roast. Not a table with a christmas cloth on it. Not any of this.

No one got a picture of the look on my face, but it was pretty priceless.

There were no tears, just disbelief that someone wanted to do my work THIS MUCH.

Man. Just.


I felt so undeserving of such work. I mean, I know I deserve it, but when it happens, you are just stunned. I was just honored and felt humbled by it. And they did a great job.


Kato McNickle said...

Very cool. It's always great to hear and see the play done well in its early stages. Did the reading inspire rewrites?

Toni Wilson said...

Both of the readings have inspired rewrites, including a sex change on a minor character that I think makes it more compelling. As soon as OLIVER! is done I am going to work on the draft and start actually sending it again.