Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waiting on November

There's nine days before National Playwriting Month ( begins, and just like every year, I have about ten plays I want to write all at the same time. Why this can't happen another time of the year, I don't know, but here we are, knee-deep in ideas, and at least the same amount of plays I am trying to rewrite.

I would like to be at Last Frontier again next year, and I am having trouble figuring out what to work on for that. The play I am going to work on (at this moment anyway) for NaPlWriMo is AUGUSTEND, but I might actually construct a play based on a crazy 48 hour period that happened to me last weekend. Good God, was that last weekend? It seems like a lifetime ago.

At any rate, I am once again finding myself changing my mind. I don't know exactly what to write starting 9 days from now, but I am sure I will come up with something at some point. I might actually work on 'Highway to Hades' or 'Mine' and send that for Last Frontier. I just hope that if I go, the Alaska lovelies I met there will be able to return, or it will be a sad time (well, maybe not sad, just not as happy!). I was thinking about Alaska today when I was thinking about how to find a writer's group locally or create my own. I miss having a group like that, and I hope I can find one locally sometime soon.

So the edits on A DEATH IN THE FAMILY are getting a bit out of control. I keep getting all these wild ideas that would require the play to be longer, and the ideas are shiny and fun, but I don't know if they have any place in this play. I don't think longer is bad, but I don't think it should be longer just because I'm amused. Hell, it's already longer than it probably needs to be because I am amused. There was one idea that unites the family in the play in a very good way, that I think would work really well if i could pull it off--and I think I will attempt that. Tomorrow though. My brain is sundowning right now and watching the third season of BREAKING BAD is NOT helping.

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