Sunday, November 29, 2009

One day left of NaPlWriMo

And I have officially not made it.

I finished my play, but it's only 40 pages long--35 pages short of winning.

But, I still feel like I won.

Sure, NaPlWriMo says it's all about crossing the finish line--but I think the important finish line is not necessarily the 75 page finish line--there's something BIGGER at stake, if you can believe it.

What's important is that we created a community for such a solitary practice. We committed ourselves to working on a play and attempting to finish it. We gave ourselves the space for our practice--and that is something.

So I still feel like a winner, even though I don't get the nifty badge this year.

Up next, working on the edits for 'Sand and Water', submissions for different plays in December and January and finding someone to write a letter of recommendation for me for a workshop that's due by December 31. This is harder than one would think.


Anonymous said...

I started out with such noble intentions! But alas, the original piece got eaten up by an adaptation, and then the adaptation became a screenplay, none of which qualify... I did use the deadlines to my advantage, however; the work just ended up as something else. Oh, well. But 40 pages is 40 pages; you should be proud of that! I am proud of you and your 40 pages. Rock on.

Toni Wilson said...

Thanks, Mel! Yes, I am proud of my 40 pages. And you should be proud of what you did too, even if it didn't qualify. things are going well for you, yes? What's new?

Anonymous said...

I am teaching at the moment (whose crazy idea was that?!). I've got a couple of pieces I'm producing locally, and a couple I'm trying to get done not so locally... We'll see how it goes. ;)

Toni Wilson said...

I am not teaching, but I do have a full time job (no need to talk about it here--it's a paycheck). I am in the process of sending some stuff out myself, but I need to work on some new stuff and some things that need more editing. November stops everything, and that's a good thing, because it gives me time to focus on one work. But it also gets me refocused and chomping at the bit to work on other things. So there's that.