Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sand and Water

I was all set to write a blog post about research as I involve it in my writing of plays, but something else took over. That research blog might just have to wait until after vacation.

The 'Frank Lloyd Wright play' has a name: 'Sand and Water'.

When I realized what the name of the play is, I was kind of taken back. I first heard the song by the same title as done by Beth Neilsen Chapman. It was on an episode of 'E.R' that I think I saw when it first premiered in 2000, although I could be wrong and I might have seen it in reruns. Regardless, this song really worked well with the subject matter of the episode and I really kind of hung that song on the wall, in a way, waiting for the right moment for it to come out.

And it did come out. It fell off the wall and right into my play, right where it fits perfectly.

Another piece has come to me.

Now if I could really get these characters talking.

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