Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what crazy random happenstance

Goody. The 'Dr. Horrible Sing-a-Long Blog' quotes are starting to creep in over here. Sarcasm! That's original.

Okay, it's too early in the morning with too little sleep to be able to get my faculties on right.

A week from tomorrow I will be driving back to the Quad Cities for my first after college reading of a play I wrote. I will be at rehearsal on Thursday and the reading on Friday and Saturday.

It's a funny experience, seeing your work with feet, lungs, hearts, minds, saliva. This is much different from a full production, where I would have seen some of the play already. I am working with people I don't know for the most part, all of whom have good intentions and good reputations. I still can't help but be scared about it.

What if the play is actually terrible? This is the one that a reader from the Joseph Papp Public Theatre decided was good enough from the synopsis and sample to request and read the entire work. That has to mean something.

I will need to continue this rant about being frightened about this reading. I use the word frightened extremely loosely.

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